Chrome and Gold Double Face 3x or 5xop Magnifying Mirror 99121D by Windisch
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Makeup Mirror, Windisch 99121D, Chrome and Gold Double Face 3x or 5xop Magnifying Mirror 99121D
Product Description

  • Designer-quality chrome and gold makeup mirror.
  • Contemporary free standing makeup mirror.
  • For contemporary settings.
  • From the Windisch Stand Mirrors collection.
  • Manufactured in Spain.
  • Technical Specifications

    Height: 10 inches
    Mirror Diameter: 7.25 inches
    Overall: Height: 10" Diameter: 7.25"
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    Additional Information

    Short Description: Double face magnifying mirror (one side regular, one side magnifying).
    Product Name: Chrome and Gold Double Face 3x or 5xop Magnifying Mirror 99121D
    SKU: Windisch 99121D
    Type: Makeup Mirrors
    Availability: In Stock.
    Collection Name: Stand Mirrors
    Brand Name: Windisch in Spain
    Material/Finish: Made of brass with a chrome and gold finish.
    Magnification: This makeup mirror is available in 3x, 5xop magnification.
    Type of Mirror: This makeup mirror is double face.
    Style: Suitable for contemporary style bathrooms.
    Installation: A free standing makeup mirror.
    Similar Categories: Bathroom Accessories, Magnifying Mirrors, Free Standing Mirrors, 3x Magnifying Mirrors, 5xop Magnifying Mirrors, Makeup Mirrors, Sale
    Warranty: Windisch offers a 5 year limited warranty on all products
    Shipping Method: Ships with FedEx.
    Windisch Makeup Mirror At a Glance

    Chrome and Gold Double Face 3x or 5xop Magnifying Mirror 99121D Windisch 99121D

    A makeup mirror from the Windisch Stand Mirrors collection

    Perfection in every detail. Most cosmetic mirrors used curved crystal which provides an acceptable standard of quality. Thus, a standard mirror is produced using a very fine 2mm-thick crystal.

    The magnification can be changed by modifying the concavity of the crystal witha press. The greater the radius, the greater the magnification. In our range of standard mirrors we offer two different magnifications: 3x and 5x. For anything greater, such as 7x, the radius curve would be too pronounced therefore making it unsuitable for this type of product. Optical mirrors (which have the initials OP after the reference number) are, on the other hand, manufactured by employing a completely different technology. It is the same technology which is used in the production of camera lenses, telescopes and, of course, the glasses that people wear.

    Starting with a piece of circular crystal, which has a uniform thickness, certain processess are applied to inorder to achieve a precise curve, which in turn provides the desired magnification in the reflected image.

    The curve is hidden from sight as it is behind the mirror's totally flat exterior surface.

    In this way we can guarantee that the reflected image is completely free of distortionor defects of any kind. This vanity makeup mirror has a freestanding design with a rounded base to support the double face magnifying makeup mirror. One side of the mirror has either a 3x or 5xop magnification capability, depending on the cosmetic mirror chosen. This bathroom magnifying mirror can be purchased with a chrome and gold finish.

    Easy-going, modern style

    Easy-going, modern style make this countertop magnified cosmetic mirror shine.

    Simply classic lines

    Simply classic lines and exquisite quality come together in this vanity mirror on a stand.

    Crafted in chrome and gold

    Crafted in chrome and gold, this standing beauty mirror will add graceful charm to your bathroom counter or bedroom dressing table.

    Also choose 3x or 5xop magnification

    Also choose 3x or 5xop magnification along with the flip side of this 7.25" mirror in natural magnification, to suit your specific needs.

    You know you need one

    You know you need one; well, this is it.
    Windisch Brand Information

    Windisch Several adjectives come to mind when describing Windisch bathroom accessories - luxury, decorative, and designer quality are among them. Since Windisch's inception in Spain in 1934, the company has continued to hold true to its tradition of manufacturing the highest quality bathroom accessories. It starts with the contemporary and almost royal design of their products -- and in the end, the collections comer together using only the highest quality materials such as solid brass and gold. In reality, whether the product is made out of solid brass or frosted glass, the weightiness and the quality of a Windisch product is readily apparent right when you first hold it. Windisch's soap dispensers and soap dishes, in particular, have gained worldwide attention for their quality and prestige.

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