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About: Nameeks NNBL002

How does this attach and how much can it hold

About: Remer K30

What are the costs of replacement cartridges for this mixer?

About: ACF LON02

Would it be possible to buy the vanity and sink without the mirror and upper cabinet? If so, how much would it be?

About: Gedy HO70

Can this suction cup ring be used on a mirror surface?

About: Gedy 6910-13

Is the cup removable?

About: Gedy 7881-13

Can you mount this dispenser with epoxy glue rather than drill a hole in the tile?

About: Gedy A224-13

Does it fit a double roll? 2.8" seems not very deep.

About: Gedy HO26-13

Can this be installed on glass that is slightly textured?

About: Gedy 5620

How long is the raised section, and how long is the deeper section?

About: StilHaus 984-08

How does this secure to the glass?

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