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Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror, 3x Nameeks Nameeks AR7708 Nameeks AR7708 Made from high quality brass, this round wall mounted makeup mirror is available in chrome or satin nickel finishes. A double faced mirror featuring 3x magnification and extendable arms. 4.83 12 InStock USD 105.00 High-quality glass, not what you typically find in local stores. It is also adjustable up and down on the wall mount. Not sure if the site write-up mentions that. 5 5 1 easy to order, on time delivery, good product. The only short coming was that the mirror will not lay flat when adjusted to the lower 1/3 of height adjustment. Either the lower arm should be 3/4" longer, the upper arm 3/4" shorter or split the different 3/8" change to both arms. 5 5 1 I bought this as a shaving mirror because my new house has a window behind the vanity instead of a mirror. In that capacity it works well. Even without an instruction sheet, installation was easy to figure out. Although a mounting template would have been nice. I also would have preferred 2 centered mount points rather than the 4 it has. I believe that would make it easier to center over a stud since I don't like hanging adjustable items with wallboard anchors. The mirror itself appears well constructed and looks like it will last. However, it does suffer from a design defect. The mount plate indentation is too close to the mounting holes. The screw caps won't tighten flush to the mount plate. It took a little jiggering to get enough thread bite so they would stay on. As it is, I have it securely installed and am quite happy with it. I am glad I got it and would recommend it to others. 5 4 1 A nice product, but the magnification was too weak and somewhat unclear for my purpose. Quality excellent but I did return it. 5 5 1
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Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror, 3x, Chrome

Nameeks AR7708-CR-3x Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror, 3x, Chrome
Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror, 3x Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror, 3x
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Color: Chrome
Nameeks AR7708 Color Nameeks AR7708 Color
Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror, 3x, Chrome
Nameeks AR7708-CR-3x
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