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Brass Tissue Box Cover in 4 Finishes Windisch Windisch 87109 Windisch 87109 Contemporary style tissue box cover. Available in chrome, gold finish, or chrome and gold finish. 5.00 3 BackOrder USD 406.00 This is like no other tissue box cover on the market. The construction, both inside and out, is of superior quality, it's elegant appearance enhances the granite, mirror and gold accents in my bathroom, and I like it so much, I now have a pending order for the matching Contemporary Round Countertop Brass Soap Dispenser in the same gold and chrome finish. These products will not disappoint. 5 5 1 Beautiful product; a bit expensive but I am so glad I bought it. Matches the fixtures in my bathroom beautifully. 5 5 1 Traditionally I am not an on-line shopper, but received an advertisement from the Bath Outlet, displaying a Windisch Tissue Box Cover that was very unique. I ordered this item thinking this was to be a one time purchase. This item turned out to be of such high quality that I ordered a matching Soap Dispenser. That was just the beginning of my relationship with the Bath Outlet. My next ordering requirements became more complex, and I contacted the Customer Service Department for assistance. Well, I received first class, top notch service. I now have an additional large order pending. At my own admission, I am a little too fussy for my own good, but the Customer Service Department always was able to rise to the occasion, and now I will be a long-term customer. 5 5 1
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Brass Tissue Box Cover in 4 Finishes

Windisch 87109-CR Brass Tissue Box Cover in 4 Finishes
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Brass Tissue Box Cover in 4 Finishes
Windisch 87109-CR
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