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Soap Dispenser, Round, Pink Gedy Gedy GL80-76 Gedy GL80-76 GL81-76-alt-010.jpg Stylish countertop or vanity soap dispenser in contemporary style. Soap dispenser container is made out of thermoplastic resins with a fuchsia finish. Pump dispenser is made out of thermoplastic resins with a polished chrome finish. Made by Gedy. 4.90 10 InStock USD 15.00 Love the soap dispenser. Looks good in the bathroom. 5 5 1 The primary appreciated feature is that this dispenser does not leak dish soap from the dispenser tip or the edges of the screw on cap. 5 5 1 I have two of these dispensers. They work well and are great for either the kitchen or bathroom. The pump works well and they hold a good amount of soap. The pink is more of a pinkish, raspberry, magenta color. The color will go well with about any color of pink you have. It is not a bubblegum pink. Great buy and nice colorful dispenser. 5 5 1 I manage a few short term rentals in a high-end community and one particular home required a crystal dispenser for shower gels, shampoo, and conditioners since I buy the liquids in bulk. I had a hard time finding something that wasnt glass because I did not want a safety issue. Not only does this dispenser hold quite a bit of liquid but it also looks stylish as well. I highly recommend purchasing this item. 5 5 1 All the staff at TheBathoutlet are friendly and most importantly helpful and they do try to resolve all client issues. Will shop from them again. 5 5 1
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Soap Dispenser, Round, Pink

Gedy GL80-76 Soap Dispenser, Round, Pink
Soap Dispenser, Round, Pink
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Soap Dispenser, Round, Pink
Gedy GL80-76
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