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Durable Round Brass Sink P-Trap Remer HT32 HT32 This P-Trap system was designed in Italy. It is made from solid brass and comes in chrome or satin nickel finish. It mounts to your wall and connects to the bottom of your basin. Essentially all basins require a P-Trap system for proper and safe use. 5.00 204 InStock USD 137.00 I have a tiny bathroom and this sink fits perfectly. The basin is wide enough for two people to use at the same time, and the ledge is large enough to set a soap dish.. The sink is unique and very attractive and I am very pleased. I liked it so much that I purchased a second one for my other bathroom as well. 5 5 1 this is very good looking for a sink P-Trap. I am really impressed with the quality. 5 5 1 Price was fair, sink was perfect and shipping was fast. Very happy with transaction. 5 5 1 The look compliments a modern/contemporary vision. Comes packed in a nice case with foam. Looks very high end. 5 5 1 Great Customer Service! I've purchased multiple times from and merchandise has been as advertised and intact. A single item was back-ordered and I was given the option to wait a fairly lengthy time (approximately three weeks after initial shipment) or change/cancel my order. I was willing to wait. Unfortunately, when the cabinet arrived the UPS box was crushed on the outside and the item damaged. All the return instructions were packed with the item and the return was effortless. I sent pictures of both the damaged item and the exterior crating. A customer service representative followed up with multiple emails and alerted me to yet another delay on the manufacturer's end. Again, I was willing to wait and assured that the item would be carefully prepared to ship from their warehouse when it was available. The replacement cabinet arrived in perfect condition. It was nice to have the same customer service representative follow my order from start to finish (delays, returns, more delays and finally receipt of product). This was only one item of a multi-product order. Everything else arrived on time in perfect condition and as advertised. 5 5 1
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Durable Round Brass Sink P-Trap

HT32-16 Durable Round Brass Sink P-Trap
Durable Round Brass Sink P-Trap
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Color: Chrome
HT32 Color HT32 Color HT32 Color HT32 Color
Durable Round Brass Sink P-Trap
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Nameeks DERIN-0073,Nameeks DERIN267,HT32,HT32-NO,S2077,S2077-Matte Black,Remer L11NL,Remer L11USNL-NO,Nameeks NCB-7000,Nameeks NCB52,Nameeks NNBL0054,HT32-16,HT32-27,HT32-BG,Nameeks DERIN265,Nameeks DERIN266,Nameeks DERIN268,Nameeks NCB67,Remer L11USNL-CR,Remer L11USNL-NB,S2077-Brushed Nickel,S2077-Chrome,S2077-Matte Gold,Nameeks NCB122 all/2024-05-13/resizedresized20240508115931-911VF.jpg Scarabeo 3004,Scarabeo 3004-One Hole,HT32,HT32-NO,HT32-16,HT32-27,HT32-BG,Scarabeo 3004-No Hole,Scarabeo 3004-Three Hole all/2024-03-25/img1045-4GJ91.jpg HT32,HT32-27,Remer L11NL,Remer L11USNL-NB,HT32-16,HT32-NO,HT32-BG,Remer L11USNL-CR,Remer L11USNL-NO all/2020-03-13/c57713be-c73e-46b4-a967-58bec3d0201e-QEEE2.jpg HT32,HT32-16,HT32-27,HT32-NO,HT32-BG all/2018-12-30/image-7F48J.jpg HT32,HT32-16,HT32-27,HT32-NO,HT32-BG all/2018-12-30/45c2c52d-af1a-4d27-a23a-9e0c2c056b88-68914.jpg HT32,HT32-16,HT32-27,HT32-NO,HT32-BG all/2018-06-09/d0e52cb9-c785-4d97-942b-c1e23466d4e5-P85O7.jpg HT32,HT32-16,HT32-27,HT32-NO,HT32-BG all/2018-06-09/1861a1fb-5a30-485b-b30b-1febc7a2a155-08D04.jpg
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