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Square Wall Mounted LED Magnifying Mirror, Hardwired Nameeks Nameeks AR7701 Nameeks AR7701 Wall mounted, adjustable, 3x or 5x magnification makeup mirror made of brass and stainless steel. Available in chrome or satin nickel finishes, this square single faced mirror features a built-in LED light. 4.75 20 InStock USD 315.00 I received my order promptly and it was packaged well. The mirror is absolutely stunning in our new master bathroom remodel. The only thing I was disappointed in was the fact that it did not come in a higher magnification than 5x. I realize that is more than enough for most, but I have been using an inexpensive suction cup 10x for my eye makeup for so long and that is what I am used to. Overall it looks high quality, sturdy and very classy looking. 5 4 1 never an excuse to have something up your nose. mirror looks good works great and easy to install. only down fall not much room for the electrical wires, better have plenty of room in the wall receptacle. 5 5 1 Very easy to reach customer service to answer a question and then help with placing the order. Received several emails for tracking the product. Arrived right on time. And this was a great product...hardwired makeup mirror. 5 5 1 Replaced a 5X non lighted mirror after enjoying one in Maui. Very pleased 5 4 1 The mirror is beautiful. Solid to the touch and looks great in our bathroom. Haven't had electrician out to install it yet, so can't comment on light. 5 5 1

Square Wall Mounted LED 3x Magnifying Mirror, Hardwired

Makeup Mirror, Nameeks AR7701-CR-3x, Square Wall Mounted LED 3x Magnifying Mirror, Hardwired
Square Wall Mounted LED Magnifying Mirror, Hardwired Square Wall Mounted LED Magnifying Mirror, Hardwired
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Color: Chrome
Nameeks AR7701 Color Nameeks AR7701 Color
Square Wall Mounted LED 3x Magnifying Mirror, Hardwired
Nameeks AR7701-CR-3x
Makeup Mirrors
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Nameeks AR7701-SNI-5x,Nameeks AR7701 all/2020-03-19/2d610ea3-77dc-40c6-89af-20521d67ebf5-A0WE0.jpg Nameeks AR7701-SNI-5x,Nameeks AR7701 all/2020-03-19/cf79b640-e82f-4660-8e71-4f6ab51e30fb-876AJ.jpg Nameeks AR7701-BLK-5x,Nameeks AR7701 all/2020-01-19/15794738690491573986163811278005-52019.jpg Nameeks AR7701-BLK-5x,Nameeks AR7701 all/2020-01-19/15794738493117440925385455146035-0MJ73.jpg Nameeks AR7701-BLK-5x,Nameeks AR7701 all/2020-01-19/15794738184597904167874795498101-L8GP9.jpg Nameeks AR7701-BLK-5x,Nameeks AR7701 all/2020-01-19/15794737640504594831402799317983-3LCIE.jpg
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