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Click Clack Pop-up Waste With Overflow in Matte Gold Remer S2077-Matte Gold S2077-Matte Gold https://www.thebathoutlet.com/static/750/images/remer/S2077-gold.jpg This click-clack was made in Italy from the highest-quality brass. The click-clack allows you to fill or drain your sink with the simple touch of the click-click mechanism. It comes with overflow system and is in a matte gold finish. 4.97 236 InStock USD 107.00 Unable to use since the metric threads will not fit or adapt to U.S. plumbing standards. The drain is perfect for the sink but cannot be used without the trap that is recommended to go with it. We could not use the trap because it is such an odd configuration we could not adapt it to our current roughed in plumbing. A huge waste of money for the product and sink and huge waste of time trying to find plumbing that will adapt to it. 5 2 1 Works great! Easy installation. Exactly what I thought it was going to be. 5 5 1 GORGEOUS. We purchased this pop-up unit last August mainly because it looked so beautiful. It didn't get installed until late November, due to delays in our renovation project. We noticed early on that the top pooled water around the rim and scale formed almost daily. It was disappointing and the top rarely looked good. Finally, I had a chance to contact TBO, about 7 months after the purchase. I was doubtful that they could do anything with so much time elapsed since purchase, yet I noticed that no one else complained about that defect in the 100+ reviews posted. So I began to think that perhaps we had received a defective unit. I explained the delays to the Customer Service Representative, sent some photos, and she contacted the manufacturer, Remer, in Italy within a few days and a replacement was sent within a few more days - with no cost or hassle. The new top does not pool water and now looks gorgeous, as was intended. We can?t thank TBO Customer Experience Specialist, Maureen, and Remer enough for solving this problem for us. Once again, I feel fortunate to have found The Bath Outlet for some of our higher end purchases, and I am grateful for their flexibility and efforts to make their customers happy. Both the quality of items TBO carries and their customer service are unparalleled. 5 5 1 Great quality product ! Love the design and customer service from the bath outlet ! 5 5 1
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Click Clack Pop-up Waste With Overflow in Matte Gold

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S2077-Matte Gold Click Clack Pop-up Waste With Overflow in Matte Gold
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Color: Matte Gold
S2077-Matte Gold Color S2077-Matte Gold Color S2077-Matte Gold Color S2077-Matte Gold Color
Click Clack Pop-up Waste With Overflow in Matte Gold
S2077-Matte Gold
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Scarabeo 5150-000,Scarabeo 5150-One Hole,Scarabeo 5150,S2077,S2077-Chrome,S2077-Brushed Nickel,S2077-Matte Black,S2077-Matte Gold,Scarabeo 5150-Three Hole,Scarabeo 5150-49,Scarabeo 5150-49-One Hole,Scarabeo 5150-49-Three Hole all/2022-11-29/9e9e7676-a770-46cc-aea8-08bbb3cbde15-OB30D.jpg Remer L11NL,Remer L11USNL-NO,S2077,S2077-Matte Black,Remer L11USNL-CR,Remer L11USNL-NB,S2077-Brushed Nickel,S2077-Chrome,S2077-Matte Gold all/2021-08-13/abd9615a-2eda-4f3c-be46-700bd380cf09-9JW30.jpg Scarabeo 5002-000,Scarabeo 5002,S2077,S2077-Brushed Nickel,S2077-Chrome,S2077-Matte Black,S2077-Matte Gold,Scarabeo 5002-No Hole,Scarabeo 5002-One Hole,Scarabeo 5002-Three Hole,Scarabeo 5002-49,Scarabeo 5002-49-One Hole,Scarabeo 5002-49-Three Hole,Scarabeo 5002-49-No Hole all/2018-03-05/sink2-6043G.jpg
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