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Tall Rounded Brass Soap Dispenser Windisch Windisch 90415 Windisch 90415 cr.jpg Contemporary style countertop tall round chrome pump gel dispenser. Hand lotion dispenser is made of brass in a polished chrome, gold finish or rustic gold finish. Made in Spain by Windisch. 4.50 2 OutOfStock USD 175.00 This is a very well made soap dispenser using quality materials. My only two quibbles is that it would be nice if it dispensed more soap per pump and the it's a very pricey dispenser! 5 4 1 Traditionally I am not an on-line shopper, but received an advertisement from the Bath Outlet, displaying a Windisch Tissue Box Cover that was very unique. I ordered this item thinking this was to be a one time purchase. This item turned out to be of such high quality that I ordered a matching Soap Dispenser. That was just the beginning of my relationship with the Bath Outlet. My next ordering requirements became more complex, and I contacted the Customer Service Department for assistance. Well, I received first class, top notch service. I now have an additional large order pending. At my own admission, I am a little too fussy for my own good, but the Customer Service Department always was able to rise to the occasion, and now I will be a long-term customer. 5 5 1
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Tall Rounded Brass Soap Dispenser

Windisch 90415-CR Tall Rounded Brass Soap Dispenser
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Tall Rounded Brass Soap Dispenser
Windisch 90415-CR
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