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Modern Square Grey Soap Holder Gedy Gedy QU11-08 Gedy QU11-08 Complete your decorator personal bath with this decorative soap dish & holder from Gedy. This modern & contemporary, extremely high quality soap holder is made with thermoplastic resin and available in grey. From the Gedy Quadrotto collection. 5.00 4 BackOrder USD 20.00 I like this product so much, I purchased 2 more. Excellent size and material. Love it. 5 5 1 Using TheBathOutlet's web site was straightforward. The site seemed to be organized to facilitate searching for alternatives from the product category. The product description and image sufficiently and fairly represented the product. The technical specifications enabled me to interpret the images. The product arrived well packed and without incident. All in all TheBathOutlet seems to have organized an efficient way to shop for this product category. 5 5 1 great bathroom accessories I couldn't find anywhere else. 5 5 1 All fits very well together. 5 5 1
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Modern Square Grey Soap Holder

Gedy QU11-08 Modern Square Grey Soap Holder
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Color: Grey
Gedy QU11-08 Color Gedy QU11-08 Color Gedy QU11-08 Color
Modern Square Grey Soap Holder
Gedy QU11-08
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