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Rectangular White Ceramic Trough Undermount Sink Scarabeo Scarabeo 5137 Scarabeo 5137 Looking for a trough sink? This rectangular undermount sink is a perfect choice for your bathroom. With a long 40 inch basin, this sink can used as a long single basin or a double basin sink with two spouts. This white ceramic sink features an overflow and has the dimensions of 39.4" x 14.2". Install this sink under your counter space for a perfect modern look. This sink is made and designed in Italy by luxury sink designer Scarabeo and part of the Teorema 2 collection. 4.96 23 InStock USD 630.00 Exactly what we were looking for! Fast delivery! No damage in shipping. Just enjoying our first week after install. Also makes a great baby bathtub. 5 5 1 We love this sink! We chose to have it installed like the picture (undermount). However, our installer showed us how it would look above the countertop as well and it was neat. Great price and very well packaged! Absolutely pleased with this product. 5 5 1 The sink is beautiful but the overflow ring will not sit properly in the hole. There is a buildup of porcelain that is keeping it raised. 5 5 1 Top quality and extremely fast delivery time. Completely satisfied. Would recommend. 5 5 1 Great sink! Arrived quickly and was easy to install! 5 5 1
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Rectangular White Ceramic Trough Undermount Sink

Scarabeo 5137 Rectangular White Ceramic Trough Undermount Sink
Rectangular White Ceramic Trough Undermount Sink
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Color: White
Scarabeo 5137 Color Scarabeo 5137 Color
Rectangular White Ceramic Trough Undermount Sink
Scarabeo 5137
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Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2021-01-28/ea8cbe31-b366-41a1-927b-5f5970c75985-MEKWC.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-03-10/aa8e0e95-a785-407f-a102-d49243b47b5d-CB8G5.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-03-10/07f33d4f-1040-42f0-bdd2-c9996ec104a1-48N04.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-03-10/758436d5-d15c-451e-9aae-a750b1760041-KG82A.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-03-10/54a5b1e2-1b32-491d-b0b1-0b3fb00bbaaf-A04Y6.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-03-10/31589625-f5f0-4abb-817c-ead46e29ab07-0PV7X.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-03-10/db2ebc1e-9d55-40eb-9641-5c55cd036d89-7K5C5.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-03-10/64bc17d5-a31e-46c7-89b8-3339add2ff18-824E9.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-01-22/img5252-OJP24.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-01-22/img5243-H29TS.jpg Scarabeo 5137-No Hole,Scarabeo 5137 all/2020-01-22/img5250-E6802.jpg
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