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Towel Bar, Modern, Rounded Gedy Gedy 2321 Gedy 2321 2321-35-13-Main.jpg Towel bar designed to hold a set of hand towels or a folded body towel. Made of stainless steel and metal. Designed by Gedy. 4.93 44 InStock USD 56.00 I ordered 2x 14" towel bars, the 24" towel bar, and 2x toilet paper bars. These create such a terrific finished look in the bathroom, and were VERY easy to install. They arrived quickly and in good condition, and they complement the sink hardware nicely. They are slightly shorter than the 14" and 24". However, the 14" bar hold a bath towel nicely, and the 24" is wide enough for 2 towels. Overall a terrific ordering experience. 5 5 1 Very sleek and of good quality. That was the most important for me. I had seen this style at a cheaper price at a big box chain, but was not convinced. THIS is really nice for the price. 5 5 1 If Bath Outlet is doing well it?s because of people like Maureen. 5 5 1 Perfect item. Excellent customer service! 5 5 1 Just what my client was looking for. Thank you! 5 5 1
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Towel Bar, 14 Inch, Polished Chrome, Rounded

Gedy 2321-35-13 Towel Bar, 14 Inch, Polished Chrome, Rounded
Towel Bar, Modern, Rounded
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Finish: Chrome
Gedy 2321 Towel Bar Color Gedy 2321 Towel Bar Color
Towel Bar, 14 Inch, Polished Chrome, Rounded
Gedy 2321-35-13
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Gedy 2321,Gedy 2321-45-13,Gedy 2321-35-13,Gedy 2321-60-13,Gedy 2321-35-14,Gedy 2321-45-14,Gedy 2321-60-14 all/2023-07-26/img09481-6XG2P.jpg Gedy 2321,Gedy 2321-60-13,Gedy 2321-35-13,Gedy 2321-45-13,Gedy 2321-35-14,Gedy 2321-45-14,Gedy 2321-60-14 all/2020-09-21/img1282-Q3HU3.jpg Gedy 2321,Gedy 2321-35-14,Gedy 2321-35-13,Gedy 2321-45-13,Gedy 2321-60-13,Gedy 2321-45-14,Gedy 2321-60-14 all/2020-04-23/image-677Y5.jpg
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